Monday, August 3, 2015

{ Simple & Profitable Garage Sale Tips!! }

Hey everyone!!  I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a long, sunny & accomplishing weekend enjoying the outdoors right in our own yard actually..weird right?! We actually held a " Vintage Sale" this weekend & it was quite a success!! I've mentioned this before ,but we "pick" all through the year &  the last 3 summers we've held garage sales & this year we held a VINTAGE SALE!!!! It was actually pretty fun & we made some fast cash off of thrifty finds & stuff I already blogged & needed to purge! Nothing is safe in our house furniture wise haha, constantly  staging,moving, photographing & swapping stuff out!!  Today I'm sharing some of our tips to bring in the customers & cash!!!

1.)  Stage your goods!!

This is a big one that many forget to do! When people are shopping they try to picture what the stuff will look like in their space or what they would pair it with, just help them out ;)! My hubby actually staged this little rug & vintage trunk with the chandy & brass pot! Give people a visual on stuff you're trying to sell!!

2.) Make a Simple/ Sturdy /Unique Sign!!

This one is also huge!! I know everyone likes to go buy the Dollar Tree "Garage Sale" signs, but honestly they're generic, small & flimsy!! We bought some $6 board at our local Home Depot & grabbed some free, yes freee scrap pieces from Home Depot to use as the stake ! I used a permanent black maker & outlined the lettering in white chalk after & tapered the corners with green. It's simple, rustic & eye catching! Instead of just using " Garage Sale" or "Yard Sale" I used "Vintage Treasures" instead & boy was that a hit!!! We had people directly asking if this was the Vintage sale & how they specifically were looking for our sale!! Now, I know not everyone is selling vintage treasures, but be CREATIVE!! 

3.) Post the sale on Craigslist!! 

Many people look on Craigslist & map out their day of where they want to hit before hand! We posted a simple ad with 3 simple pictures, time & address! Be clear & simple with a little visual! 

4.) Make sure your items are clean!!!

I get that this is a yard/garage sale, but do you like shopping dirty, dusty or smelly goods? Yeah, me either! It takes a few minutes to dust or wipe something down with water. If you don't have time to wash the stuff use some vanilla spray or antibacterial spray!!

5.) Use tables & organize items together!

Make sure items are somewhat categorized . Put all the wall decor together, clothes in one area, & furniture together displayed!! We used two black tables with burlap runners, for a more concise look. The burlap was $8 & I'm using the leftover for a win!!!

6.) Offer  FREE refreshments!!

I'm not saying go buy $20 in pop , we offered  $2 lemonade with some $1 vanilla wafer cookies! People were so pleased & actually  commented how nice that was!! I mean for $2 to make someone happy & shop more on a hot summer day...It's worth the $3 in lemonade & cookies!!

7.) Price everything!!

This is something we actually learned..we actually did price everything, but some of the tags fell off with the wind etc..It makes for awkward on the spot pricing, which isn't good for the seller..haha!

8.) Make it FUN!! 

Seriously why not make the best out of the warm weather while sitting & waiting for customers etc.. We had the country music going { low } & a huge fan going for the added breeze { Thank gosh, it was 88 today } !! 

9.) Greet EVERYONE!

Greet everyone with a warm welcome & " Help yourself to some free lemonade & cookies"! I'm telling you it works!! 

10.) Be fair!!!

Don't gouge on people! If you have something marked $5 & they offer 3..Take it!! It's a garage sale & just because you paid an outrageous price or you - THINK- it's valuable doesn't mean others will!!

11.) Have a FREE box!

This also draws people in. Who doesn't like something free? #freeisforme

Well there you have it, all the simple tips & tricks to purge all your junk..I mean treasures  onto someone else while making some moneyyyy!!

Have a great week everyone!! 


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