Monday, August 10, 2015

{ Red Velvet & Raspberry Mousse Parfait }

Hi, guys! So this was a spur of the moment post I wasn't even planning on doing really, but once I finished making it I thought whyyy not?! Typical me & what makes my little blog practical right haha? Anyways.. I went on a major grocery shopping haul today { blahh} &decided to pick up some stuff to bake with & well I made this yummy parfait!! I usually cook/bake a lot through the week for us, but honestly I haven't been cooking very much at all..I blame the summer haha! I came up with this little recipe when I spotted the huge pack of delicious red raspberries!! Sit back , grab a pen & paper and jot this one down for an end of the summer treat!:)

 1 red velvet cake mix
1 can raspberry filling
1 large pack of fresh raspberries
1 pack of Jello brand chocolate mousse
chocolate chips
4 eggs for cake mix
oil for cake mix
milk or water for cake mix
vanilla extract
powdered sugar for garnish


Follow the instructions for the cake { I sprinkled some sweet chocolate chips in each pan with a dash of vanilla extract }. Instead of using 1 square cake dish use two round pans or dishes , so they fit in the parfait dish! Let the cakes cool & then cut a circle in each { if they're to big to fit in the parfait dish}. I leave our range fan on to speed up this process ;)!! After you've made & are cooling the cake, start on the mousse part!! I bought two boxes & it literally took 5 minutes. Read the instructions & put in the fridge until you're ready to use. Wash the fresh raspberries & get started assembling the parfait!! The 1st layer should be mousse, the 2nd cake, 3rd raspberry filling from the can, 4th cake again & finally the last scoop of mousse!! Fill the surrounding edges with as many raspberries as possible & place a few on top!!  Sprinkle with a few chocolate chips & powdered sugar & you're done!! See super easy & yummy.


This is my own recipe so feel free to tweak it etc.. It's super simple & actually surprisingly not overly sugary!! With some ice cold milk & of course some cute straws { You guys know I'm straw obsessed ha} it's the perfect end of the summer dessert for any occasion ! 
Enjoy loves!


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