Tuesday, August 11, 2015

{ Summer bath refresher / update with a chippy cottage sign!! }

Welcome back!! It's one of those nights where I feel like I want to jump out of my office chair while listening to my country playlist & take on the world hahah! Instead of taking on the world I'll stick with blogging , sipping some diet Dr. Pepper & chasing our office mascot { Mr. Wibbles the bunny} around haha! I'm actually so excited to share this cute wood chippy cottage sign my hubby pulled out of the trash!! Yup, another free find & it's sooo cute! My bathroom on our main level isn't the biggest, but it works fine for me, but also needed something for summer! When the hubby brought this sign home I knew where it needed to go..after it got a little TLC!!

I loved the before colors & extra chippy look, but it was in really rough condition & after I washed it, even more paint came off , so I needed to paint it. I decided to go with cream & green chalk paint & use black for the lettering. I have a few pops of greenery in my bathroom & it was a perfect match!!

I love all chalk paint, but honestly for the price & the size I love the Americana Decor paints found at Michaels!! I love switching up colors & with the small containers it's super easy!!

I really liked it on the cabinet!!! I had to move it temporarily though because of how it's warped & could possible come tumbling down. Once I get some time I''ll secure it back up there!!

Like I said above, not the biggest bathroom AT ALL { Thank gosh we don't share} haha sorry honey , but it's clean, fresh & bright!! I love the light blue hint in the walls with the neutral cottageyyy spa accessories!

Chippy goodness,right?! I just spruced her up & then used a wire brush to distress a bit over the newer paint. Simple, charming & freeeee!! 

You guys know I'm never using or putting things where they "should" be  & actually I kinda like this sign here..Note to self, I need some new towels!!  

Thanks for dropping by again friends!! 

Have a lovely Wednesday!


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