Monday, November 9, 2015

{ Tree Lot Inspired Christmas Sign! }

Welcome back guys!! I know what you're thinking..oh geeez more Christmas stuff right? Well, did you guys know that there's less then 45 days until Christmas..Ya, that's not enough for this Christmas crazy lady hahaha! I mean to me November AND December are for Christmas & no I haven't forgot about Thanksgiving for heavens sake! I just want to spread Christmas cheer, diy & so amp; today that's what I'm doing..Please stick around hahah! I'm sharing our vintage tree lot inspired Christmas sign! I know these "Fresh Cut Christmas Tree" signs are really popular right now, but  I wanted something more authentic/aged looking & less of a store bought look! ANYONE can make this sign & it involves no, sanding, cutting, staining , stencils etc.. Use your creative hand, some $1 paint & dark wax & boom done!!!

I started with a piece of wainscoting from Michaels I got for $7! It was glossy white & I took some dark brown & white paint & mixed it together & painted the whole thing first! 

I used some $1 paints & then took dark wax & went over the entire sign! I didn't use a stencil because I wanted it to be more weathered & antique-yy looking! I like the idea of the personalized look of the sign & the simplicity!!  In all honesty ANYONE could make this sign & in under 30 minutes!!

How cute is that little bright red velvet reindeer? She's so cute & SO OLD! My mom handed her down to me & she fit perfectly on our vintage Christmas tree lot inspired mantel!! 

I'm thinking about distressing it a bit more..but I wanted to show you guys now! 

I love fun & festive little projects like these! They're practical, cute, simple & budget friendly! This sign came with a rope to hang vertically { I left it out in some of the pictures} in case you want to make it for your door etc..For under $15, you can't beat it! What do you guys think of this Christmas sign? See this garland DIY here -->DIY Vintage Bulb Garland !


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