Monday, November 9, 2015

{ DIY Vintage Bulb Christmas Garland }

Heyyyyy guys!! Okay, I'm not going to lie I COULDN'T wait to share this with you all!! I wanted to blog it asap so you could gather some inspiration & I mean, I haven't saw this little DIY done before so I had to share and bonus it's different & not the usual  that everyone else is doing..& it's SO festive!!! I came up with this idea back at the end of August while browsing +Michaels Stores  for some Christmas inspiration..Yup, in August hahaha! I spotted these vintage bulb ornaments & instantly this idea popped into my head. I've always loved the old vintageyy Edison bulb look & these plastic faux ones were nifty & soo cheap! I liked that they were plastic & they were easy to maneuver & work with. The tops come off & they actually open up down the middle for ornament decorating. Lets be real,  I wasn't going to be using them for what they were intended for..shocker LOL ! I grabbed 6 or 7 & stored them until a few weeks ago when I pulled them out & got to work..Okay, so I had this idea in my head but lets face it many of my "ideas" are out there hahaha..but this one actually turned out soo cute & literally only took 10 minutes!! 

So here's what they look like! They're actually pretty large & the plastic is pretty thick..thanks gosh because I may have dropped them a few times haha!!

Take some cheap ornament hooks and wrap the bottom of the hook around the " U" shape on the bulb! The ornament hooks are really bendable so these work great for attaching to the garland!

After you've attached the hooks to the actual bulb itself, take the hook part and just wrap it around the garland..You may have to maneuver the hook a bit, but it's super easy to do!

I just love this little DIY!! It's super cute & fit perfectly with our upper level Christmas theme this year! I'll be blogging the two big changes soon, but until then you can enjoy this vintage inspired look for close to nothing..I think with the garland & bulbs, it was under $25!! See below for some - sneak peeks- of upcoming projects I'll be blogging & the whole vintage tree farm inspired look!! 

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2..

Have a lovely week guys!!! I really hope you liked this little vintage inspired garland..I mean so simple & festive, right?! Let me know down below in the comments what you think & again THANK YOU always for stopping in on my little practical blog!


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