Tuesday, January 12, 2016

{ Bathroom Plans & Inspiration.. }

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great day!!  I'm really tired so this post is going to be short & simple. I worked my butt off on my bathroom on our upper level & worked on some odds & ends around the house! I was doing everything from caulking to painting to messing with electrical { which I shouldn't have been } haha eeek! Anyways I wanted to not just redecorate my bathroom but replace the light, shower curtain rod, towels, mirror etc.. I got a really cool vintage bathroom piece the other day & just felt the bathroom needed a little pick-me-up! I know I've done bathroom revamps & what not here on TQS before, but nothing much other then some decor. The light fixture in the bathroom wasn't old or anything, but it started rusting & I wanted to paint the new little vintage piece we put up in there & then I got in a little over my head with the light electrical after I messed with it..I called my hubby & my hubby called my father { Markie was at work & worried } in  panic that I was going to get in "trouble" hahaha...this family I tell ya LOL!. Anyways my grams & I trucked out in the jeep & blizzard to grab a new fixture , so that's WHY this post that was originally supposed to be the bathroom reveal is put on HOLD! I felt like I was in the show "Renovation Realities" just now hehehe! I'll be hopefully blogging the bathroom update & the cutest little vintage bathroom organizer soon..;). I thought I'd give you a little peek at what I'm going for & what I'm liking in bathroom decor soo far , and bonus you get some inspiration for those stuck in the house on these blustery winter days { wink wink }. Alright guys enough typing..enjoy!!

Here are all the goods if you're interested in purchasing any of them!

I kept it simple with black, tan, white & a little greenery! I popped some simple farmhouse goods like the mason jar soap pump in for charm. I also have been loving the plain pottery goods { hint @ the  new vintage piece in the  bathroom } . Many of these goods listed with the price/store you can honestly find for cheaper. I just popped this little board together to show what I'm going for as of right now..who knows with my decor crazed brain it could change tomorrow ha! I wanted to add more dark fixtures etc..like instead of a silver light fixture a dark one & the same for the curtain rod. I'm also hoping to hang a new { old } wood mirror I've had in storage & replace the simple square white one..

The rest of the goods in the - Inspiration Board - in case you're interested in purchasing or referencing any of them!

 I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, I'll be at the shop { http://angelssaintsandstuff.com/ }  bringing a few new goods in & then hopefully finishing , and photographing the bathroom. Thanks for popping in!


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