Thursday, January 28, 2016

{ Lower Level / Basement Inspiration & mini sofa review.. }

Happy Friday guys! This week has been a busy one getting stuff in order, taking stuff to the shop, some DIY & some future stuff hopefully coming to the shop! I usually blog 3-4 days a week, but sometimes it's 2...this week being one of them!! I wanted to end the week with something we've been talking about for the past few months...our lower level or as us Michiganders say BASEMENT ha! Our basement was fully finished when we purchased the house. We simply had the carpet cleaned & added some two-tone neutral paint. Fast forward 4 years later & it's kinda been blah.. I mean it's still rustic, lodgey/cabin-ish..but needs a little spruce up.  Initially we decorated the basement all moose lodge theme because it was my husband's "man cave"! Since then it's kinda been changed into more of a comfy neutral space to lounge on weekends or when we have company..I still love it but just added a few newer touches. Same color scheme/decor ideas..just a little different. Come gather some basement inspiration..I know they can be difficult to decorate with the lack of light sometimes etc..! 

I thought I'd snap a few pictures of our current decor..It's still cozy & woodsy, but I'm thinking some simple & bold pieces will look nice. We've been wanting to change the carpet out..but are debating with selling! I would also like to switch out the coffee table/end tables & my husband's want aka NEED ... is a distressed deep brown soft leather couch!!! I can't say this isn't my vision either..something so comfy about those deep cozy leather couches! P.S. +PotteryBarn .  has the nicest one!!! 

hahaha see what I mean?..he's in love with it & actually I am too. I think after having this IKEA Ektorp sectional we could never buy another  smaller/ cloth couch/sofa again!! I know everyone rants about them, but honestly it's not worth it. I wanted the cottagey look so we tried it, but it's a lot of maintenance with two dogs & actually just in general { maybe it's just me being OCD }. I always try to give my honest & practical opinion here on TQS & just go with leather haha! You can still get that look with lighter colored leather etc.. Now, the couches downstairs are thrifty finds off of Craigslist & they're just OKAY! We don't hate them, butt they're not very deep etc..They were almost brand new Lane brand sofas for only $130 for both & 1 is a sleeper, so it was a steal.  We'd like to replace them with another sleeper, but deep leather like above.

Sorry guys sometimes I don't have time etc.. to get the camera out so I just snapped a few with my phone :/! I'm thinking I want to replace that Lane table with something more sleek & darker. Again, I tried to keep everything flowing nicely from the living room down here into the dining area. I think some simple switches will make it more rich & cozy , and less man cave like.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little inspiration board. If I'm being honest again this basement of ours has been the hardest space in our little suburban cottage to decorate & the least shared for that reason! I've never been a basement person, but now I'm kinda hooked. Stay tuned to see what happens in this space..How do you guys decorate a basement space? Light , dark, cool or warm?? 

P.S. all of the items in the inspiration board are from Polyvore with prices/location if you're interested. 

Happy weekend!!


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