Sunday, January 31, 2016

{ Exterior Home Tour Inspiration }

Heyyyy friends!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We took care of some business, double dated with my grandma & her new boo for her birthday heheh! I'm serious 80 year olds can still be a riot believe it or not..Saturday we decided to throw some sweats on & cruise around for some home & shop inspiration. Yes, we have a lot of plans in the works .. :)! While on our little mini home tour we came upon the cutest little neighborhood about 8 miles from us!!! So simple &bold with a mix of vintage/ new!! I know doesn't that seem like a dream neighborhood? Well, if I'm being totally honest it seriously is the PERFECT neighborhood even down to the richly decorated children's park ha. It looks like a picture out of "Desperate Housewives " ..Wisteria Lane style haha! I loved all the charm, cozy & different styles & period homes updated with a modern, but still classic look! I tried to get some good pictures, although when you're not planning on blogging anything & then decide to post inspiration, you use what you have! Sorry guys I'm kind of spur of the moment, yet a control freak ha #confusedyet? Anyways, go snuggle up in your comfy place & tour this little exterior home tour with me!

D o o r .

Let me start by saying this is one of my favorite homes! I love the period look, but the updated exterior siding, color & the covered/ angled wooden door is my absolute favorite touch. We drove by this house 3 times.. haha no, we're not stalkers ..but I needed a few pictures of this front porch. I'm not only obsessed with the house itself, but the staging of the porch as well! I even commented to my husband that the staged winter/holiday porch reminded me of a blogger/designer LOL. It's hard to see in the picture, but that large wood door is on a slight angle & just that little touch adds so much charm to the porch alone!

A r c h i t e c t u r e.

This home with the simple neutral green & white compliment the fabulous architecture, charm & appeal of this modern farmhouse home.

 C l a s s i c.

This was my husband's favorite!! It seriously is stunning in all of it's charm. I believe the home is from the late 1800's & it still oozes charm & all around classic character. I love the simple white they kept especially. This home sits on a rounded dead end  side street that is backed up to the town's  river. The porch to the right over-swings around back to view the river & little town via the backyard..How's that for a view??   

R u s t i c.

Something about this house had me right away!! It reminds me of the cabin like  shows on HGTV in Alaska or something. I don't know if it's the color, porch or gorgeous  wood  trim, but it's so rustic!! Little fun fact, I love these two colors on craftsman homes!!

P o r c h.

This beauty speaks for itself! I mean that porch is so stunning. I love how it wraps around , yet still allows plenty of light in { the sun was just going down }! Can you imagine sitting out there with a couple of rockers & some coffee on a fall morning..?

M a t e r i a l s.

This home pretty much has everything a charming & classic home would have! The rounded/extended porch with the an open layout & the stone for extra detail..perfect! I can't decide if I like an open porch like this or one that's enclosed...Which do you prefer?

W i n d o w s.

Okay, we've arrived to my personal favorite. Another little fun fact about me..I LOVE 1800's colonial/ style homes! I love the long narrow windows with the attention to detail from top to bottom!! This home just screams classic English colonial. I guess that's why I'm so attracted to the east coast so much..;). One day Kennebunkport will be our new home haha! 

D e t a i l.

The detail in this home caught my eye! Something about the little bay porch I love! I love they have it so cozy with a fan & natural stained wood door too. This home reminds me of a southern Key West style home for some reason. 

L a y o u t

 Okay, I remember this house as a kid!! I remember driving through this neighborhood going to  our old doctor office & thinking it was the "banana" house!! Now that I'm older I can appreciate the house a bit more!! I adore the yellow "painted lady" look of this Victorian/farmhouse. I especially love the land, large garage/barn & how the home sits on a bit of a hill. It's so grand, spacious & cozy all in one!! 

Thank  you so much for stopping by!!! I really hope you guys liked this little spur of the moment casual exterior home tour with us! I'm curious what your favorite style of home is ? Which one of these was your fav?

Happy & healthy Monday!!


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