Sunday, February 7, 2016

{ Cottage Style Early Spring Dining Room Refresh! }

Happy  Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great Super Bowl weekend!! We're not into sports whatsoever, although my husband did attend a party at his church..mostly for the food & entertainment haha. I must say it was a pretty relaxing weekend!! We had a delicious dinner at my parents' house, shopped around at +IKEA USA  with our gram after & most of all it was productive even with a numb right leg..whole other story grr #badback. I got a lot of cleaning done, freshened & brightened up our little suburban cottage with some spring essentials & even had the windows open!!! I mean for us Michiganders having the windows open in February with a sunny & 50 degree day is a gift in itself haha! I swear this heat explosion gave me a pep in my step { I wish literally }! Last week if you noticed I only blogged part-time..I was feeling uninspired & kind of blah from the weather/ sinuses so this weekend was a great refresher!! Okay, enough with this crazy Michigan weather I'm here to share our ultra simple & bright early spring dining room.  

I popped this little vignette together & loved it for a simple spring refresh! The candle I got the other day on clearance +T.J.Maxx  for $8!! It's huge & the scent is out of this world! I wish the sticker wasn't torn off so I could share with you all, but just think vanilla, cinnamon & a hint of lavender/cotton!!! 

Side Note: The LED candles are from +PotteryBarn   I believe..& the cream tray is from +IKEA USA !

Thinking I'll start the project of painting those little cabin chairs too, since the holidays are over. I'm thinking a white chalky finish for a nice light cool refresh..

I used things I had laying around for a simple airy feel. The basket, buckets &  greenery were all free finds. The towel is from IKEA & the masons from +Target !

I ended up switching out the little rustic ladder on the wall for this DIY project I did for the time being.. You can see the full tutorial -->DIY Tea Towel Art!  
You guys know I'll pry be switching this out, & it might even end up at the shop ;) stick around!! 

I'm loving the cozy, bright/ cottagey feel with that hint of rustic glam with the mixed in metals etc.. I've been really into blue, grey & white lately too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little early spring dining room inspiration! I'm loving it so far, now to just keep the snow away hehe!  Well, I'm off to nurse my back ..have a lovely  week everyone. P.S. stick around for tomorrow's post too..I've got a  theme going on this week I promise :))! 

Thanks so much for dropping by my little practical blog, sharing it & being so wonderful! I hope you can gather ideas etc.. to  make your home your sanctuary the practical way.  

Are you guys decorating for spring yet??


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