Monday, February 8, 2016

{ DIY Succulent Garden }

Welcome back everyone. Today's post is all about adding simple spring decor { see I told you I had a theme going this week } & today is all about REAL greenery! I know you pry gasped at the "real" rather than faux part especially coming from me. I've been known to kill a few plants...Okay, many..over the years! I either over water, under water etc..Well, while at +IKEA USA  this past weekend I was on the hunt for some new greenery to liven up our upper level & add some spring cheer..I spotted my favorite faux plants, but honestly thought they looked pretty boring since everyone & their brother has them :/. You know I usually go against the trends so I decided to grab 4 of the CUTEST little succulents for $2.99 a piece!! I mean that right there made my little practical blogging heart since the faux ones were $7-$60!!! They looked so beautiful even in the little scrap box on the ride home, that I couldn't even wait to put them up. I feel like they're my cute little baby oxygen makers haahahah! Come see where I put them & how I made the cutest little garden in 3 easy steps!!!

- Supplies -

  • Succulents
  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Enamel dish or similar
 1.  Gather all 3 things. Cut the burlap to fit in your bowl/dish/tray etc..

2. Line the bowl with the burlap.

3. Give the succulents a pinch of water if they're dry & begin placing in the dish. Be sure the burlap isn't too soaked as you don't want root rot. These came with a little instruction card, vague, but pretty simple.

How beautiful are these little buggers? I just love the different colors, textures & how perfect they are. Is it weird I walk by them & check on them hahaa?! I seriously hope they don't parish on me..I'm trying to keep them going! 

I may replant them after they grow a bit, but don't they look so sunggley as is ;)

- The Tiniest Garden is the Loveliest -

The enamel dish, wood scoop, antlers & vintage keys were all free finds! The burlap is from +The Home Depot  .

See easy peasy, right?!  I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday! I'll be blogging the full fireplace & spring mantel soon too!!


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