Tuesday, March 22, 2016

{ Rustic & Thrifty EARLY Spring Porch .. }

Heyy guys..I always feel weird saying just "guys" so gals too hahah! I hope your Tuesday was great! I can't say ours was anything crazy other than we enjoyed a little bit of warmth finally!!! This Michigan weather has been crazier than usual actually..Mild winter, but a lagging winter type ha if that makes sense?! This post totally was spur of the moment, but I actually like it for a start..I stepped out our front door to wave by to Mark as he left for a meeting & realized it had warmed up a bit form earlier in the day..I went to walk back in & our little front porch was screaming  to add something to it..I quickly ran back inside & grabbed a bunch of stuff I had laying around in my decor room & some stuff in our now "organized" garage/shop!! The neighbors were probably peeking out their windows thinking I was crazy as usual.. { I was in my plaids with stuff crammed in my arms & camera around my neck haha }! Anyways today I'm sharing our thrifty, rustic & vintageyy early spring porch!!!  

P.S. everything used for this spur of the moment spruce up was freee!

In my last post I talked about our back patio makeover we're going to be doing soon hopefully, so I guess today was only appropriate to share the front porch right?! I promise all coincidence!! I had set all three of the milk cans out front after our mini spring cleaning in the yard a few weekend's back. Some were in the garage & another out back..I decided I wanted them all together & just left them there...After today's little spruce up I decided I actually loved them there with the vintage bucket & crate! 

***See yesterday's post here --> Spring Patio Makeover Board

The grass is from last year from +Hobby Lobby  & the blue flowers are from Dollar Tree I believe.

I know I've mentioned this before, but aside from vintage stamped crates, milk cans/jugs are my favorite! 

The detail on this crate has my heart...I can't believe people throw these away..Maybe if I stop hoarding them I'll take some to the shop { Angels, Saints & Stuff } !

Like I said, I threw this together spur of the moment..I'll be adding some greenery to the baskets & lets be honest in the next month it'll be completely different!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this early spring post!! I love a plan more than most, but sometimes fresh air is all you need to take on a little spur of the moment decor. 

 I hope you guys have a lovely Wednesday & as always THANK YOU for stopping by TQS for some practical decor , DIY & the occasional recipe or craft!


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