Tuesday, March 29, 2016

{ Vintage Sofa Side Table with a Special Meaning..}

Howdyyy friends! I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday! You know those days where you're feeling less than inspired..Yeah, I had one of those days today. Then I remembered I never blogged this piece I put in our upper living room back a few months ago!! Out of all the pieces of furniture we've collected, sold, bought etc.. this little sofa side table is hands down my favorite piece besides our antique kitchen corner cabinet! So I had a bunch of furniture that just wasn't working for our living room...I had been on the search for months so randomly my gram was over & we just started trading furniture ahahaha! This may seem super random to most, but in our family we're all always switching or painting furniture of some sort! When my gram went home real quick { she now lives in our neighborhood big YAY! } and brought this piece back I about snatched it right out of her hands!!!! Before I could do that she made me promise I wouldn't paint or alter it in anyway. I of course at first was bummed, but then she handed it to me & IT WAS PERFECT!! She started telling me about the piece as I started styling it right away & of course after the story shed a few tears...This little tiny most perfect table had belonged to her dear mother, Esther & she had kept it all this time. Granted it has been all over the family & even painted once...but I just loved the wood top, authentic chipped edges & matte black base!!! My gram is an only child & her mom spoiled her with everything she could. Her mum lost her battle with breast cancer in the 60's so I know exactly why this table has such meaning to her & now me!!!! She told me it was all the way from England { My gram's parents are from there } & is over 50 years old..even more reason to cherish it. Just saying " sofa arm table" is so cuteee! I mean you don't find pieces like this anymore & with the Ikea Ektorp sofa the arms are low, so I needed something & bam perfect, not to mention it already had that rustic cottage charm I crave so much!!! Okay enough ramblings..come see this gem!!! 

How cute is this little table? You guys know I love decorating with pieces that mean something to me & this one sure does! I love the chippy edges, yet the simplicity! 

You can see more of the meaning behind that huge new wood angel here -->The Wood Wall Angel..

I styled it super simple with these wood buckets from Garden Ridge & some faux greenery from +IKEA USA !!

I'll be blogging that new rug soon too. I love the wood top with the black base paired with our dark floors & that green/ tan jute rug. Simple cottage loving at it's best!! 

If you're interested you can see the DIY tutorial for those wood coasters here --> DIY Wood Coasters

I really hope you guys liked this cozy little post & this sweet gem! Do you have any favorite pieces with meaning? Leave me some comments down below, I love hearing from you guys & especially anything furniture wise hehe! 

As always thank you so much for stopping in on my little blog shenanigans hehe ! Happy & healthy week!!!
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