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{ 5 Best Chalk Paint Brands with Prices & Sources Provided }

Wow this week is moving right along!! I can't believe it's already Wednesday..I don't know what this "time" thing has on me lately but it's been really getting to me...Maybe it's that change thing I hate, but it seems like time is moving at a rapid pace these days!! Anyways today I'm sharing something I get asked about literally ALL the time & usually just ramble off places etc.. Everyone knows that chalk paint has been a huge hit in the last few years because of its quick drying time, covering abilities, no-prep & look! I started about 4 years ago using Annie Sloan brand chalk paint without knowing much about it..It took me forever to locate a dealer close to us & at the time there weren't many other comparable/cheaper brands that offered the chalk paint style etc.. Today that has all changed!!! I literally spot new chalk paint brands popping up all over the place..I'm sharing 5 of my favorites not only personally, but because 4/5 are  offered at popular stores that most everyone has access to easily, because you guys know I like to keep it practical & helpful!! Come see these 5 chalk paint brands with prices & locations below!!

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Rust-oleum brand products have been around forever!! I'm a super fan of their spray paints etc.. About a year ago while cruising +The Home Depot  I spotted they now offer chalk paint in this brand!!!  Funny, because about 4 years ago while in the The Home Depot trying to find chalk paint everyone was totally clueless as to what I was asking for & directing  me to the "chalk board" paint.  The two most popular places I found the Rust-oleum brand chalk paint  were @ +Walmart  & +The Home Depot  for around $12.10 for 30fl oz.


This wasn't a shock when I spotted her brand while browsing +Michaels Stores ! I usually buy a different brand that Michaels offers, but I do love her variety of colors available. Her brand is also offered in many popular mainstream places like Michaels, The Home Depot, Walmart & JoAnn Fabrics!! Her brand is called Vintage Decor Paint & you can buy it for around 
$7.99 for 6fl oz. 

3. W A V E R L Y { Plaid brand } CHALK PAINT

I found this brand about 6 months ago while looking in the craft isle of Walmart!! I knew they offered affordable crafts & paints, but had no clue they offered Waverly chalk paint & in so many colors!!! I love that they offer different sizes too & all the colors are great! This is one of my most used chalk paints for smaller projects, because of the price, colors & ease of getting them! They're a really great quality & I have had nothing but great experiences with these paints!! You can find these at Walmart for around 
$9.47 for 16fl oz.


The queen herself Ms. Annie Sloan!! Seriously she's the one that got me hooked on chalk paint & everything it entails!! To this day I still LOVE her line, waxes & brushes!! My very first chalk paint project over 4 years ago was an old coffee table in "Old Ochre" & "Graphite". I had no clue where to grab some of her paints & had my husband take me all over the city trying to locate them! She only offers her paints at registered retailers & online..The online process of ordering & locating a location close to you is SO EASY now!!! You simply type in your location & the closest retailer pops up! These paints go on like butter & seal like nobody's business. You can buy them for around
 38.95 for 32fl oz.

5. A M E R I C A N A  D E C O R { DecoArt brand } CHALK PAINT

Okay, this is my MOST used chalk paint other than the Waverly! I found this about 3 years ago after I couldn't locate another brand. I found it originally at The Home Depot & then randomly at Michaels & +Kmart  too! I love that they come in little plastic jars & they're super thick!!! You can buy them for around $9 for 8fl oz.

Whoa that was a long post!! I hope this was soo helpful for you guys & this little list makes your crafting & painting so much easier!!!

Wishing you all a happy & healthy Wednesday!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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** Prices & Locations vary. This is just a general idea from my area & experience!

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  1. This review is a few years old now. Is there a more recent comparison? I was wondering your thoughts on Heirloom Traditions Paint?