Monday, September 5, 2016

{ Modern Cottage & Farmhouse Fall Dining Room Decor }

Hello to day number 2 on this little beginning of fall tour around our little suburban cottage!!! I told you guys I don't get kid around about the holidays haha.Today I'm sharing a little sneak peek of our dining room..It's not fully decorated & most likely will change 10 more times before the end of September, but it's definitely starting to look cozy, warm & festive! I used a lot of stuff I had from last season, not only because I wanted to start out slowly, but I've noticed that I do this every year, then randomly start throwing in new pieces..Maybe it's my hoarding of decor haha or my way of seeing what I'm using or can incorporate into this season without breaking the bank account!! We've recently added a bunch of new pieces in this space including a new rug from +Ruggable® 2-Piece Rug System  switched out tables AGAIN & so on..Come see the dining room splashed with a bit of fall decor!!

You guys know I'm always using decor in ways that aren't conventional...I set this runner on the ladder & loved it, so I just left it for now! I picked this up +Marshalls  last year for under $10!


I decided to add this little toolbox I found while junkin in my gram's shed to the china cabinet with some little burlap pumpkins from Dollar tree! The wreath is from +Kohl's .

Both of these frames are free vintage finds. 

 You can see the art DIY from last season here:DIY Dollar Tree Fall Art

I'm obsessed with our new washable rug from Ruggable!!! Seriously if you guys have a high traffic area or animals then this rug is for you! I have a whole post on it here:Ruggable Review

I'm loving this cozy modern farmhouse style!! I usually go really rustic/raw/chippy with decor, but recently have been loving the modern cottage/farmhouse style!

Hope you guys loved this fall dining room sneak peek!

Happy Tuesday!

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