Monday, December 19, 2016

{ 5 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Season! }

Happy Monday everyone!!! It's a snowy, cold & sunny holiday Monday here in the north! Yesterday we finally took some time to enjoy a few Christmas festivities together & oh my was it good for our hearts!! We started off by having some delicious Chinese in downtown Frankenmuth { a true Christmas Story, right?! } haha & then took a lovely & brisk winter walk up & down the streets of Frankenmuth looking in the little shops, admiring the decor, fresh fire scent & of course some yummy treats!! We've been super busy this whole entire year with our businesses & just life in general..With that being said, we all know the holidays can bring out the worst in some because it puts pressure on unrealistic expectations..Believe me I know first hand being a Home Blogger! This is another reason why I always try & stay as practical/ thrifty as possible on TQS for you guys. Today I wanted to come on here & give some quick tips for an easy & ENJOYABLE holiday season with minimal stress while incorporating some fun activities! 

1. Enjoy Dinner Out!

This is one of those things for us that we hardly ever do because our schedules are so crazy & I actually don't mind cooking! Again, it's always nice to get out for a nice cozy Christmas dinner & not having to worry about anything for one night! It's fun to just sit & chat with each other & some good food in a different atmosphere! I chose Cracker Barrel just because it was super cozy, inexpensive & Umm look at how cozy that fireplace is!!! 


2. Take a Brisk Walk!

This is one of those things I love doing around the holiday season..Taking a bundled up chilly walk..there's just nothing like a brisk winter walk with the fire scent, lights & crunchy snow! It's free, invigorating & cozy! Yesterday we probably walked two miles just enjoying the Christmas decor & hustle & bustle the season entails! 

3. Visit Shops! 

I know what you're thinking..MORE shopping? Haha before you think I'm crazy, I mean just stroll in and look at some cute little town shops, small businesses & gather inspiration or shop..Something about small shops that are that much cozier around the holidays, not to mention they have some one of a kind goodies! We stopped in quite a few yesterday just browsing!  The decorations were gorgeous & we had fun just looking! 

4. Enjoy Holiday Decor!

This is at the top of my list when it comes to Christmas festivities! I'm super simple & enjoy just soaking in all the magical & whimsical decor! Taking a drive to look at lights, enjoying your home decor, shopping for it or enjoying others' decor! Frankenmuth obviously has some of the best, not to mention how quaint & cozy the town is!!

5. Take Pictures/ Document!

This is another super simple activity! Taking pictures of decor, scenery, each other & documenting that year! We've been doing this since day one of our relationship { scrapbooking etc..} not only for Christmas,but just in life itself! It's fun to be able to look back & see what has changed, grown or just stayed the same! Yesterday we got some pretty shots of the river in Frankenmuth & just soaked in the gorgeous winter scenery!!

What do you guys think about these tips? What are your favorite things to do around the holidays & how do you keep stress down? I really hope these quick & simple tips gave you some ideas & you enjoy the rest of this years holiday festivities etc.. :)

Wishing you all a lovely Monday!

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