Sunday, December 3, 2017

{ Cozy Cottage Christmas Bedroom }

Hey everyone thanks for popping back in for room #4 on our Christmas room tour! I planned on sharing our porch today, but for some reason was more inspired to decorate & cozy up our master bedroom for Christmas!! Anyone who loves Christmas knows how refreshing it is to have a whimsical/magical Christmas retreat to snuggle into after a long day...especially in the cooler months like December plus adding the twinkle of the Christmas lights...Ya, I pretty much sleep like a baby hahah & that's coming from someone who barely sleeps haha. I think since we were go go alll weekend & did a little birthday celebrating Friday night I was ready to cozy this space up & get a good nights sleep..One thing I will say about this space is that it's my favorite Christmas room since blogging & I didn't go simple AT ALL!! You guys know I'm all about the comfy simplicity,but I decided to go all out in our room this year.. Come see more below!


I really wish I could capture just about cozy & magical this liitle space really is!! I dropped my Camera Friday night & so these pictures are not so crisp ugh..but you get the picture..I hope!! I wanted it be like cozy cottage snowy palace heheh..The flocked garland & trees helped add that look!

I added so much texture like these hanging baskets & I'm so glad I did! They add that hint of farmhouse style I crave in our little suburban cottage!

Something about having a Christmas tree in your room is just sooo much loveliness I tell ya!! If you don't have one go get yourself a little 4.5ft one like this pre-lit one from @walmart I picked up for under $25!! I took the 3 "feet" off of it & plopped it in this vintage crock & set it on this antique stool from my gram!

Falling asleep under the tree lights & waking up to vanilla scented candles makes for a cozy & refreshing morning...sometimes tooo cozy hahaha. The bedding is from @ikea & pillows from @homegoods

I hope you guys the whole feeling I was going for in this space! I didn't want it simple or just splattered with greenery, but more polished & whimsical for something fun to cozy into at night! Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas or put a tree in there? 

Happy Monday!
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