Tuesday, December 5, 2017

{ DIY Cottage Style Wood Planked Porch in 3 Easy Steps..}

Happy Wednesday friends!! I hope your week has been going well..Ours has been busy, but what's new haha. As I was walking in our front door I realized I never blogged our little DIY planked wood porch.. We started this project that took 45 minutes tops right before vacay to NYC in November & so it was about time I blogged it.. I was craving something warmer & more cottage style for Christmas, so while in the garage I spotted some brand new wood planks from one of my husband's contracting jobs & decided I would see if they worked in this space...Y'all a MIRACLE happened- they fit PERFECT haha..I grabbed a few more & I really loved how the wood warmed the space up instead of the boring grey stone. This Christmas porch isn't done { I'm still adding a few things} but I thought since it was sunny today & it was somewhat staged I would show you guys this quick & easy little project!! You guys know when we do projects & say simple, we really mean s i m p l e..You won't believe how easy this was..Come take a peek below for more details & a sneak peek at our cozy cottage Christmas porch so far..

How To:
  • Clean area { We used our blower }
  • Lay wood planks out to be sure of measurement etc.. { You can also lay horizontal }
  • Use a mallet or hammer to lightly tap planks into place.
  • Clean again if need be..

I love the rustic appeal paired with the warm tones in the wood & chippy buckets, stool & simple green pines!! I'll be blogging this full space soon all decked out for Christmas as my attempt today failed with the high winds hahah..typical Paige moment!

This sign was a DIY wayyy back when, but it fit this space nicely, so why not?! The sled is also a recent makeover & I'll be blogging that soon as well...Ahh you guys I'm feeling so behind this year!! 

Side Note: The flooring is engineered, so if it happens to get wet etc.. out here which it has, it's perfectly fine!

The smell of that fresh Douglas Fir & cozy elements is perfect for our little welcoming cottage entrance!

What do you guys think about this little simple porch DIY? I've said this a million times before,but it's the most random projects that turn out to be my favorite hahah..this is at the top of my list!!  What do you think about this fun & cozy DIY/makeover element?
**You can see our Christmas Porch last year HERE


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