Friday, March 30, 2018

{ Cottage Style Cozy, Rustic, Floral Easter Porch }

I can't believe I did this you guys...I actually styled our porch for EASTER!!! If you follow me via my social media [ right side bar } you would know that I hardly ever do anything for Easter..spring yes..Easter not so much! This year I thought for sure I wouldn't be doing anything because we've been super busy & just took an 8 day vacation...but you guys know me & I randomly do things haha..This being one of those times! So, right after we got home my mom stopped over quickly & said she had a free thrift find..a WREATH- Umm yes, please!!! I snagged it up & at first was just going to put it in my decor room until I found a spot. I mean let's be honest pink isn't really my thing or brand style, but I always give something a chance & well it worked out perfect because I had some stuff stashed away that was pink from our nieces old room here...One thing lead to another & I styled our whole front porch for freeee & for EASTER!!!! I also HAVE to mention that our real Douglas Fir is still kicking 4 months he will stay until he passes! I have this weird obsession for pine trees & I've had several people tell me they literally can't believe it's still alive.. Come take a peek at this cute little rustic setup below!

We added these free wood planks just before Christmas to hide the old grey stone..It's held up so well through the winter, I'm actually really surprised. The wood slats were free & I'm thinking I will white wash them if we're still here in a few months ;). For now I love the contrast with the bright springy flowers! 
Side Note: Our address sign will be hung soon too, I may blog it. So many things got put on hold because our winter has been long & full of snow!

If you haven't read our last post, you should HERE !!! It's all about this sign & why it's so special. It should happen to fit perfectly on Mr. Douglas Fir too haha. I tried tying little pink bows on the tree, but the wind had other plans..

I love how the sign look likes a tag a bit & the pops of dusty florals  brighten up this drab space from if the snow could stop!! P.S. can you believe someone threw that wreath out??

I forgot to shut the front door & I need a new  doormat, but for now & for free I had to share our little spruced up porch! Do you decorate for Easter??

Happy Holiday Weekend!!

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