Sunday, April 1, 2018

{ DIY Shell Ring Holder in 2 Easy Steps }

Heyyyyy guys!! So one thing that I have not shared in quite sometime was a DIY!!! It's honestly been way to long & today I'm here to share the EASIEST DIY to mankind haha. I actually asked Mark if he thought it was to "easy" & he said yes,but in a good way. I mean who doesn't have at least a few shells on hand somewhere...I know my family hoards them like crazy or at least did. I can honestly say that I have never been into shells, but while walking the beach Mark spotted some cute little buggers & said "why not do a post on these"...See he has the ideas most of the times haha..Anyways we grabbed a few that were already washed up on shore { not alive } & set them in the Jeep until we got home.


  • Gather up some intact shells
  • Wash with Mrs. Meyers soap { or something that isn't harsh }
  • Use for rings or earrings etc..  

My little beach bun shelling for me hahaha. This was a really nifty little spot with tons of shells & dolphins jumping around...truly magical!

This isn't sponsored or anything, I just really love the Mrs Meyers brand because it's so clean & isn't harsh! You can use any soap you want or even bleach if the shells have a fishy/ocean smell left on them..these shells did not thankfully.

You can close these when they're still intact. Be careful and they can last for quite sometime...I leave ours open,because knowing me I'd forget our rings were in there haha!

I love how simple & neutral they are & free!! They would make great little gifts, you could even paint or stencil on them for a more custom look. You guys know me though, I love neutral/natural!!

I hope you enjoyed this super simple & quick little post! I never know if these types of post will do well on here because they're kind of "toooo simple", but surprisingly they do pretty well. I mean let's face it not everyone is a DIY superstar, so little projects like these are PERFECT!!!

Happy Monday!!

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