Thursday, April 5, 2018

{ Spring Inspired Cottage Kitchen + Dining Room Refreshes }

Happy Thursday, friends!! Thanks for swinging back by for another spring style refresh! I feel weird writing this because it's currently 35 degrees out, but at least it's sunny right? haha Anways, I wanted to share with you guys some inspiration for spring & I've been meaning to share our new tobacco baskets I snagged up at Cracker Barrel while vacationing last month! So, I wasn't planning on blogging as much as I'm showing today, but since returning from vacation I've been super relaxed & that tends to lead to being unmotivated { which isn't like me } because let's be honest I love what I do & hope you do too! I started yesterday out by deep cleaning the house & then the itch to switch stuff up a bit hit hahah..Yikes! I started by downsizing our dining room table into a breakfast nook look more & then hung the baskets & then moved into the kitchen area & refreshed our window/sink area with the fresh items! You guys know I like to keep it as simple & practical as possible, so only a few things were new & they were a great price..tobacco baskets 2 for under $30 etc.. After it was all said & done the refresh totally brightened my mood & it feels so much fresher! Now if only the perfect 70 & sunny weather could appear haha! Come see this cute little refresh with some new goodies below...

I cleaned out this cabinet { so dusty } & took away many of the pieces I had in it for a more clean bold look! You can see the post on why those black stem glasses are so sentimental to me HERE

I waited for the nearly perfect day to get a picture of the "Bed & Breakfast"  sign I blogged about HERE. It's super hard to photograph this dining space & I refuse to use artificial light unless it's a must. So needless to say I'm so happy it was somewhat decent lighting to capture it up there!!

This space has been blank for some time now & I removed this DIY banner from our room { new bedroom post coming soon } & stuck it right here...Don't laugh tooo hard at my writing..I ran OUT of chalk ahahahaha, was using  a little stub ha. See you guys I'm not always prepared, but I tried to make it work...I do love the banner & greenery here though. Little pops of items, make the biggest difference!

Having the table sized down for summer into a little breakfast nook look has refreshed this space x10!! Adding as much greenery & neutrals was also a wise choice for this space. The tobacco baskets brought this whole space together & added that simple rustic texture I crave in spaces!!! The baskets were on sale 2 for under $30 originally $50 & we got them in either Tennessee or Kentucky on our road-trip { blog post coming soon too }.

Side Note: Before I get e-mails about them not being centered or too high, Yes, I know that, but until we paint I had to use holes & cover a small spot.

This space needed a refresh too..I did away with the tall topiary plants that were on each side & replaced them with the vintage scales, plants & glass bottles! P.S. I cant wait to get more Mrs. Meyers!! Maybe the smell of summer scents will bring it sooner haha or heck I'll even settle for spring at this point!

Whoa  that was a l o n g post haha! I hope you guys loved this spring refresh! What was your favorite part? Do you have anything you do when spring starts creeping in? If so, let me know down below!!

Happy Thursday!!

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