Sunday, August 19, 2018

{ Honest Glidden Paint Review..}

Happy Sunday friends!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This was my birthday weekend & of course we took on a whole house spruce up haha..only us! I can't say that it hasn't been fun because honestly it has been a huge chaotic fun weekend around here. Tons of sweets in the house, projects, fun contractor & lots of laughs! I wanted to give a little review on the paint we { I } chose for the "white wash" of almost our entire upper level! So I randomly chose Glidden because I was originally just going to freshen up our grey/blue accent wall...Well then I got carried away & decided to do the whole upper level crisp pure white. Since I had already started with Glidden I decided to keep with the same brand..Oh & hire our contractor to finish hahaha! I have a bad -HORRID- back  & after two walls I was spent. Fast forward to the second day & 3 coats later & it still needed another...Mind you that our walls were not dark or anything crazy. They were painted with a gloss finish which I know takes a lot to cover but it was to the extreme. We've used Glidden before & loved the products with no issue. With being honest though, we usually ALWAYS use Behr. Keep reading to gather more insight + info..
P.S. This post is to inform of our opinion only not to discredit any company or product.

The after did come out nicely, but again with many coats.

  • Price- under $22 per gallon can
  • Finishes
  • Paint + Primer
  • Coverage
  • Thickness or lack of..
  • Performance
  • Primer didn't seem to work well
  • Bubbles    

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This space we were covering a chalkboard & it took MANY be expected but it didn't seem to want to cover..

These are just some of the key points I wanted to touch on. Coming from a contractors point of view it was very irritating. Like I said, we have used Glidden before  on other things with no issues. I think for walls we still stick to @behr though..Again, these are just our opinions. I would recommend buying mini cans to do test on a few different paint brands before choosing one for a huge area. I honestly wouldn't buy Glidden for a huge space again, but for other little projects definitely! 

I hope this post helps inform you on our experience & can help you in some way with your painting needs! What's your favorite paint to use? 

Happy Sunday, pals!
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