Tuesday, November 13, 2018

{ Inspirational Cottage Style Christmas Lookbook }

Hey pals welcome back!! I've been busy getting all the spaces ready for Christmas around our little cottage home & just taking in the holidays { Yes, already ha! }. I'm loving the simple changes we made to this home even if it won't be our forever home..more on that later! I decided since most people cruise Pinterest, blogs, google, magazines etc.. that I would put together a simple little update or "lookbook" if you will of what we have so far..I didn't include our bedroom or the fireplaces etc.. because well, they're not completely photographed yet!! I know many bloggers only choose certain areas to photograph { which I love }, but we go alll out around here for Christmas! I wait all year for this cozy time & like to cherish it by soaking in the festivities, decor & magical feeling it brings. I usually do the porch, our bedroom, both dining areas, both living rooms & this year maybe the kids' { AKA doggie} room!!! Anyways grab a cup of  extra chocolatey hot chocolate & come see what I put together so far..

This is & always will be one of my favorite views in this little cottage! I love the authentic bar door, cottage door, crisp white walls & the most simple Balsam Hill wreath! 
* I can't wait to show you what's on the the other side of this..I went in a completely different direction this year!!

The start of our little wood cottage porch!! We have to run new electrical for the lighting which I hope works to plan eeek, but I did get the wreaths out, pillows, rugs etc.. AND because I'm so fancy I barely brushed my hair, have cut-off leggings on & a paint stained t-shirt underneath this coat haha..Oh & it was 35 degrees out..I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

This is another sneak peek of the area I mentioned above!! I'll share each room just like every other year but thought I'd share this cabinet quickly!! 
*Side Note: Be sure to head to my navigation bar at the top & click "SEASONAL" for all our other Christmas decor from past years!!

My very own Clarke W. Griswold haha! Don't worry he was on the roof too..picture? I think so haha

So, here is a HUGE sneak peek of my idea & theme this year!!! Yup, that's blue mixed in..! I'll share more super soon & the dishes are to DIE for...They basically set the tone for this year's theme!

This is the first time in 6.5 years we have had a  7.5ft tree upstairs in the living room! I usually have a tree in here but smaller, dining room as well & then a big one downstairs and in our bedroom. This year I went all kinds of different & I love it it in front of this vintage dresser that was my dad's when he was a boy. My mom did an amazing job refinishing it. The cottage window, wood & country tree have me filling so cozy!
I hope you enjoyed this simple & quick lookbook..Be sure to come back daily for more rooms I'll be featuring then the full Christmas Home Tour!

Happy Tuesday!

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