Saturday, December 1, 2018

{ Antique Christmas Styled Vintage Cabinet }

PALS  W E L C O M E  BACK!!!! Whoa, I'm so happy to be writing this!! It may take me an hour to write this little bit, but I wanted to share what's been going on with me...Firstly, I L I V E for the Holiday season every year, like I literally count down until it's November..Well, this November has not been very fun for me. I was having Thanksgiving dinner with my family enjoying desert & all of a sudden I had to run to the bathroom because I was so dizzy..not just like dizzy but I was spinning out of control. I was all flushed & immediately splashed some cold water on mt face thinking maybe I had to much sugar or excitement. For the next 6 hours I vomited profusely while still spinning out of control! I said goodbye to my guest as we were hosting & went to bed. The next day I woke up to an even worse spinning & I was drenched in sweat & more vomiting followed. I called my mom & she rushed me to the E.R where I was nearly in a comatose state by then..they hooked me up to  a bunch of stuff & I went home. It's been 8 days of meds & I still feel completely out of my mind. I will be seeing the doctor this week { earliest I could get in } & to say I'm afraid is an understatement especially with all my other issues. Anyways THANK YOU for the outpouring of love & wishing me well. Today I want to share our vintage Christmas cabinet in our dining room with you all. My theme was "Authentic Vintage Country Christmas Diner". I hope you LOVE it...

For this cabinet I took all my collections of vintage bottles, milk glasses, mason jars from Maine, wine glasses & some newer vintage style plates & mini keg for this cabinet. I added in some sprigs of greenery & of course my Coca- Cola glasses for that vintage pop of red! 

One of my most favorite things in this cabinet are the vintage mini glass cake holder, & the mini red ticking stripe inspired keg. The pops of greenery add to the festive charm & you would see in a vintage diner around the holidays..of course theirs would be filled with delicious pies & cookies haha..

The pops of gold plates with the red & green add to the charm.

That little Christmas tree plate is made of pottery & it's my favorite. Simple touches all around in this cabinet!

I hope you liked this cabinet & all of my treasures, antiques & collections. Do you collect anything special ?

Happy Saturday!

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