Monday, November 11, 2019

{ Our Snowy Winter Wonderland Barn Garage }

Happy Monday!! Guess what pals? IT SNOWED in Michigan  today!! Not just a little slushy  wet dusting but like a huge amount & it's  still going! Thankfully  the Jeep  made it to the gas station just in time to fuel up & head to Target for a few  essentials, so we can cozy in tonight!! Little  fact about me: I'm  a PREPARER ha! Always want to / like to be prepared! Today, I guess I missed that tidbit! Anyways after Jeepin' around in the snow & lugging a bunch of stuff into the house I looked out one of our back doors & it was so peaceful  I had to share a few glimpses  of our first snow of the season! Come see some cozy Christmas  snowy magic below...


So I should backup  a minute & explain this decor..Nope didn't  go out & style  this today..Although  I did look like a crazy outside  photographing this haha..I had set a few things out here messing around  a few weekends ago while digging our vintage  bulbs out of storage in our barn garage! The fresh blanket  of thick white snow made it look that much more charming though!
These are all antique  / vintage finds minus the door decor, which was a DIY !


In one part of our home this year we went all "Home Alone" with vintage traditional  cabin look! Basically  Kevin's  attic hahaha... { coming soon to the blog} Well this green pot screamed vintage  Christmas! I'll  be adding  more berries around  the property  & porch  soon!


I just love the red wood paired with the snow covered holly berries & chippy finds!..Who says you can't decorate outside??

This fence is getting  a facelift  soon...sure the doggies will love that ha...{ insert grumpy face}. 

Is it snowing  where you're  at? Do you love the snow?? I actually  do, the only thing I dislike  is slipping...I'm  a clutz ha! 


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