Tuesday, November 12, 2019

{ Vintage Christmas Village House Bedroom }

Being blasted so early with snow has given me all the holiday feels!! Nostalgic  is  basically  my going theme for this Christmas! The last few Christmas seasons I've  wanted to pull these vintage Christmas  village houses out, but couldn't  find the right spot!! Well this year we cozied our room up with a much needed  fireplace & I decided to do a comfy little  village scene!! Mark collected tons of these over the year's  for me, so they have sentimental meaning. Many were thrifty free finds & others super old antique  collectibles! I love the quaint quintessential vibe they give off at Christmas  especially  in our little  cottage  bedroom! Today I'm  sharing  it with you all...


The warm glow with the houses lit up is so calming especially at nighttime! It reminds me of my childhood..Christmas  was always extra special no matter how big or small. Traditions are something to cherish..ESPECIALLY  Christmas  in my opinion! 


Some of the houses are just freestanding non lit ones, others are way larger with great detail & a few bulbs! I scattered them on our nightstand, fireplace mantel & in our end of the bed pillow  basket!


Though our room isn't  huge like our last,  it's  still soo comfy & the added fireplace  was sooo needed on our freezing Michigan  nights! This room gets especially  cold, so the fireplace  takes  the chill out or just when we're  sipping tea or hot chocolate  on the weekends....the pups UNFORTUNATELY  love it too ha!


So here was my going inspiration for this space,  you know other than having a TON of these houses saved up in my Christmas  closet for years!!!!


The Christmas  houses are so detailed  that I kept  everything  else so simple!! Lots of vintage  treasures, plain lit garlands & woods mixed in! 


Do you collect these Christmas  village  houses? Which kinds are your favorite? Let me know what kind of themes fir Christmas  you're  doing this year!

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