Thursday, January 30, 2020

{ 4 Ways to Use Baskets in Your Home }

Sometimes, well a lot of times we as humans over complicate things...even decor!! I was on the sofa resting after a workout { yay for resolutions ha} & started thinking about the one thing that I use ALL the time around the house time & time again! I know what you're thinking, GREENERY,  but nope it's not greenery although a close match  ha! BASKETS! I love a good neutral textured basket for so many reasons!! They're eye appealing, warming,  hide unsightly items, add texture & can be moved or used in many different ways easily..4 in which I'm sharing here on the blog today!!!!

1. Throws & Pillows

Baskets of any type are such a good way to display  comfy throws without them being strung all over when not being used. Simply draping the throw out of the basket,  so you still can see it or folding them nicely! Pillows are the same, stack, stuff & display!!


2. Storage

 It's no secret that sometimes we need extra storage or storage for unsightly items..I keep all our toilet paper in a smaller basket in the linen closet! Keeps the rolls organized & not as "unsightly " ha.

3. Planter

This admittedly is my favorite basket use or "hack"! It adds so  much to an otherwise plain planter, it's thrifty & versatile! I love it because it's also easy to move larger plants, not to mention it's just more eye appealing in decor land ha!


4. Shoe Storage

This is kind of a bonus number, because it's in the same lines of unsightly items..but I had to share because not everyone might think of this! So we have a small mudroom closet, but I keep seasonal extra shoes in a large basket across from the mudroom front entryway too! It's super convenient,  thrifty & still stylish!

Do you use any of these basket tips or decor in your home? Remember decor doesn't have to be expensive,  impractical or stressful!

Happy Thursday!
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