Thursday, January 9, 2020

{ 6 Simple ways to Style a Shelf }

Hey, pals happy FRIDAY!! It's been super cold here in Michigan like bone chilling cold + windy...needless to say our front porch is still decorated for Christmas...not full on Christmas but Christmas haha! I've mentioned this before but I loveeee the cold! I refer to myself as an " old Clydesdale " joke! Well, point being I would've just braved the cold, but since this vertigo I can't take the cold whipping in my ears..Oh the joys of aging ha! So, I decided the clean & restyle my favorite thrifty cabinet that has gained a bunch of attention over the past few years...Honestly I understand why too. It's the most epic comfy cottage piece with the french wood window grids & chippy white paint! I had it styled for Christmas but after Christmas it needed a nice wipe down & fresh decor redo...while doing it I decided it needed it's own blog post & share my SIMPLE SHELF STYLING TIPS with you my pals...

1. Size

Start by putting your larger focal point pieces in first.  After you put the larger pieces in like leaning artwork as a back drop or a big planter, then fill in the smaller spots with trinkets etc..

2. Height

Height is a big one for shelf styling! You don't want everything the same height, because it can look boring,  too perfect & not cozy +fun! For height you can add books, large art work etc.. here I used books horizontally to stack wood candlesticks on!

3. Storage

When styling a shelf if you have unsightly things you want to hide use baskets like I did above!! They add texture, boldness & the obvious storage!

4. Heaviness 

Start with the heavy bigger things on the bottom shelf & work your way upward.  This is just more eye appealing.  If you need to close the doors & step back, see if it's proportional.
• I used the above photo because the top shelf was too heavy & not appealing...aka redo ha.


5. Proportion

When styling I tend to start with the larger items on the right & smaller on the's  just more appealing again. 


6. Decor

Use items that you love & not because they match or look good together! If you don't love it, don't display it. Your shelves should represent YOU! I love sharing my collections I've collected over the years.  The biggest advice in the decor area is add greenery, texture & warmth..example blankets, faux plants wood pieces etc..


I hope you loved this simple 6 step / tip shelf styling process!! Play around,  showcase & love your space & style!!

Happy Friday!
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