Tuesday, January 7, 2020

{ Simplistic Farmhouse Style Living Room }

So, as I mentioned before I like to simplify after the holidays & try new looks for the new year..Lately I've been drawn to the vintage old fashioned super minimalist or basic farmhouse look! I cleared a bunch of stuff out & today I'm super excited to share what our living room looks like! I'm not going to lie, compared to my normal comfy cottagey looks with layers it does seem bare, but in the most refreshing way. It reminds me of an old farmhouse with just the basic goods for every day life, not as decor but as a necessity of life. Anyways come take a peek at this comfy basic old farmhouse style look..


I kept the mantel super simple. I love how farmy/ simplistic it looks. With the wood cubby, galvanized candle boxes & mirror..It's all so simple but charming!!


•Fun Fact: I've NEVER in the 6 years we've had this vintage green metal candelabra have used it. SO, new year, new decor ha! It fits perfectly in front of the fireplace & the chunky simple white candles add simplicity & warmth!

The brown rug with the green check oversized chairs pair nicely! Sometimes you think something going to clash but actually they play off each other...it's taken me a long time to get that. Don't always matchy match everything...Try mixing patterns!!


This might be our most simple fireplace mantel yet..The warmth of the wood cubby is a nice focal point!


I was thinking about paining the little cubby side table, but again like above I actually like the contrast with the other goods in this space...at least for now ha! Check back in a few days & I'm sure it'll be painted!..


Side Note: can you tell I love these tin houses hahaha, they've been all over our little cottage!


What do you think of this simple farmhouse style living room refresh? Do you like the simple basic goods displayed? Or do you like more cottage style with lots of goods & layers?

Happy Wednesday!
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