Monday, April 6, 2020

{ Vintage Dining Wall Artwork }

I've  proclaimed my love of vintage,  rustic antiques over & over via the blog & my little platform on social media! Well, today I have a treat to share with you guys!! While getting outside & helping my gram with a few things { safely} we ended up going through her shed..That lead to me finding a ton of vintage goodness! One thing we found was this antique gold leaf painting that she had bought while she lived up north on lake Huron. It took a bit of shimmying to get her to let me have, but she did & I had the perfect spot for it!! Come take a peek below...

The detail in the frame, warmth & overall cozy antique design drew me to it right away! The actual painting is so simple & rustic & it works in this space so well!!

A few other treasures I got was this antique bank! I remember it being up north in my grandparents original attic space in the original little cottage before turning into a lodge style home . It lined the bunk staircase...What great memories!

This dining room has fast become our favorite space to sit at night over a hearty dinner & talk about things! If you look under the bench you can see an antique grocery basket from the 50's! That too was my grams' from Canada!


I hope you loved this space!
• what's your dining room look like?

HAPPY Monday!
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