Wednesday, April 8, 2020

{ Cozy Cottage Easter Tablescape }

I wanted to quickly come on here & share some awesome news that I received via email upon waking this morning...but then something hit me- GUILT! I felt guilty for being so excited about something business { blog}wise when the world is crumbling from every angle & people are losing their precious lives! So, then I turned to what I know best, BLOGGING & being CREATIVE! I haven't always blogged a lot about Easter, but today I got creative & blogged TWO  centerpieces & they're both super simple & cozy!! Keeping reading below for both ideas!



I mentioned via my Instagram story today I had these mini faux carrots from my gram & some treasures I wanted to use! I used mostly stuff I had on hand & used pops of Buffalo check print & greenery..sorry no bunnies!

Carrots,  vintage crocks,  ivy greenery & pops of every kitchen goodies!


I placed some of the larger carrots on the cakestand crock & placed the mini ones throughout the garland... Literally the coziest most simple idea for Easter.

You can see I changed out the cutting board on the corner cabinet for the vintage basket, but I wanted to share this angle too.


Okay, this has to be my favorite items from this post!! I was on a creative/ cleaning spree today & came about our recipe/ cookbook cabinet & found these vintage Hunts tab recipe cards! They had the coziest hearty comfort food recipes  including some Easter dishes! I just displayed them by laying them around on the cakestand  & some on the table..

I have about 50 of these & I'll cherish these forever!  They're so unique & I'm not sure why, but I love them ha.

They added a touch of color, vintage charm,  boldness & fun to this Easter centerpiece! Whoever doesn't love some good comfort food recipes?!

Which centerpiece was your favorite 1 or 2? Do you decorate for Easter? Let me know in the comments! I hope you have a lovely rest of the week!

HAPPY Thursday!
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