Monday, May 18, 2020

{ Summer Patio Reno Part 1 }

This weekend we worked on the back patio nearly the entire day! We had to use Saturday all up because it's literally rained here in Michigan for all of May almost! Saturday was 65 & partly sunny so we took it & ran haha! We got almost everything done diy wise! The 4 cafe planter light posts are all cemented,  patio painted { first coat } & all the posts painted minus 1! We even got the firepit rebricked, surround removed, new pea gravel,  edging & a sign hung! Still SO much to do, but Sunday  { today } through Tuesday will be complete rain here...Hoping to have it finished by Memorial Weekend 🙏 . 
One thing I did want to document was the process..Our life isn't curated, so here's the full process & mess...

These pictures aren't pretty or complete like I usually post  on here,  but they're  real & process photos! 

I did manage to grab one decent  picture of the garage with the new " Welcome " sign! More on that later..

•• All our supplies like paint, tools, wood etc.. Come from our local  Home Depot


  • Paint patio
  • Build light posts
  • Firepit regraveled 
  • Paint posts 
  • New Rug
  • New patio set
  • New door hardware 
  • Fence
  • Flowers 
  • Decor 
  • Sod
  • Cafe Lights


Are you sprucing up your patio this year? I figure since we'll be home a lot, why not make the needed repairs & cozy it up! I can't wait to show you the color scheme & decor!!

HAPPY Monday!
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