Thursday, June 11, 2020

{ Classic Cottage Patio Makeover }

You guys know that we've got dogs..& if you don't,  well we do ha. We've got two big dogs over 70lbs each & at one time we had 3, sadly only two now! With that being said, they're boys & love to roughhouse around the yard + patio. Basically,  our yard/ patio needed/ needs work ha! Not wanting to dump loads of money into it we spruced it up. 
I kept with the look of our front porch   HERE ..It goes nicely with the rest of our home exterior  which is stately with traditional red brick, white peaks, shutters, flowers boxes & barn red cottage garage.  Patriotic cottage at its best!! Come take a closer peek below....

New Goods Added:


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Keeping with the stately classic patriotic cottage look I added rustic mini evergreens,  galvanized  bucket pots & lots of clean white wood! I kept the color scheme traditional red, dark blue, black, white & dark green!

The 8ft white wood light cafe light poles/ posts { which do you say? } are what encloses the space into a cohesive feel. The other part of the patio is empty right now to the left..We used to have a sitting area! I bought the 48ft single strand of bulb lights from Amazon! 

I added a touch of classic New England charm with some fun pillows,  of course dog approved! 
** All pillows from Walmart

Kept the decor very weather friendly with wood, galvanized buckets, classic lanterns & rustic wood bird feeders!!

•Sod wasn't in before I photographed, but right where you spot the farm fence will be sod.

I hope you loved this patio spruce up!! For me going with color was scary because  neutrals are so easy but this color pallet theme flows so nicely with the outside exterior property of our home. The red barn garage was the inspo!! This whole project spruce up was around $500.00 that's with wood, decor  rug, lights, paint, supplies, cement etc..

HAPPY Thursday!
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