Wednesday, October 7, 2020

{ DIY Beadboard FAQS }

 Happy Monday, pals!! Sorry I'm a bit late getting Monday's post up...We're exhausted from the weekend diy & fun! Guys!!!! We finally installed the cottage beadboard in the formal living room upstairs! We've been planning this for months, but couldn't find the time. We finally pulled the trigger Friday & worked until 10pm Sunday to get it all finished! 

With that being said, I wanted to come on here & share some FAQS l about this diy beadboard... I hope my thoughts aren't jumbled in this post, forgive me I'm nearly sleeping while typing ha.

Let's start by saying that DIY is h a r d! It's time consuming, costly at times & there are always hiccups, but boy is it REWARDING!


.White nails

. Beadboard 10x4 slabs

. Trim

. White paint

. Trim caulk 

* we didn't use any glue. It's unnecessary & can damage your walls if it needs to be removed in the future! 


Measure the wall or walls you plan on boarding! Take the total feet & divide that by 4ft { size of beadboard}. Measure the height of your ceilings & have the boards cut. We opted to cut ours ourselves but Home Depot could too. We nailed them up lining the seems together & added the trim after the vents & light switches were cut. Remember " measure twice, cut once". 

After the beadboard is all up, add trim, wipe down the beadboard & paint! We opted not to paint yet but you definitely can. 

The beadboard just leaning against the wall for a first glance!

This is the board with half finished trim but all nailed down!!

That's the mini update! I'll be back with a final look after tweaks, paint & styling!! Have you ever done beadboard in your home?

HAPPY Friday!
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