Thursday, October 22, 2020

{ Effortlessly Elegant Apple Centerpiece }

 Hey pals!! Welcome back to the blog today!! I wanted to quickly share some shots I did a few days ago after I got some apples that I picked up... Fun fact: I love apples!!! I love the look, taste & of course health benefits 😋.  I'm no newbie to photographing apples for fall on here..Though a basic fall staple I find them especially esthetically pleasing during fall! I blogged this DIY "apple cider" sign HERE & the sign styled HERE . Keep in mind those posts above are very dated, but that leads into today's post!! I wanted to use these apple I picked up, unfortunately I got the wrong  ones { Macintosh is my FAVORITE }. I wanted to use these & originally was just going to just set them out to munch on..then blog brain kicks in haha!! Come see more of this cozy EASY centerpiece  below.....


I'm not going to lie...My most semi impromptu blog post turn out the best! Dark moody fall lighting wasn't great, minimal decor & a .75 sign!! 


* Place a tea towel lining the bowl. Then  apples in any bowl of your choice  & set to the side! Grab a cute sign & grab a few apples & place outside the bowl but closely! Wrap some stems & drape over the basket. Once you have to apples, towel & bowl/ basket you're golden. You can't go wrong with this effortlessly elegant fall apple centerpiece!

This metal rustic bowl was perfect for this post! Let's the deep red  coloring of apples through & the farmhouse red ticking stripe farm towel adds a layer!
• real & faux apple mix! 

This sign was a whopping .75 cents from our cottage up north!! I love the vintage green outline & simple small look!


I cleared & cleaned out the dining room after refreshing the paint last weekend  & truth is it's still bare! I also slipped this 1940s table sides down & kept it more cozy intimate setting for us! At this point I'll just wait another week for November 1st..aka Christmas ha! Here's a sneak peek of the new large parson slipcovered chairs!


I seriously think I'm about to make either baked  apple crisp Topped with Carmel or an apple pie!  You can read my apple pie post with a slight twist HERE . Of course I'll be wearing my great gramps apron proudly!

Do you like these mini tutorials or just photos with a caption? What's your favorite kind of apples or apple pie recipe? Let me know in the comments!!!

Happy Tuesday!
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