Tuesday, October 20, 2020

{ DIY Customized 3M Framed TV }

Happy Wednesday my pals! I'm super  excited to share today's post! You know those projects that you think going into " Ehh, this 80% won't work!". Well, this project was completely different! Mark had the idea of framing our new TV out a few weeks ago when we replaced our older Vizio! We were so close to getting the Samsung Frame TV, which was only a few more than this 43inch Vizio brand. Unfortunately, something went wrong during the Frame TV purchase, so we just quickly grabbed this one at our local Target...Afterall we barely watch television! After the living room refresh I wanted a fresh new TV, but stylish if that makes sense for a TV haha. As soon as I spoke out loud, Mark's creative brain went to work..Five minutes later he said what about using leftover molding for a frame & just use 3M for the surround attachment?! BRILLIANT, THRIFTY & SIMPLE-yesss! Keep reading below for how to transform you TV!!


|Scrap molding or wood the same width
|Tape Measure
|Paint optional 


Get four pieces of wood or whatever you're using to frame out the TV.  Make sure they're even width..Length doesn't matter. Measure  all four sides of the TV to the four adjoining corners. Cut 45 degree angles on each corner {mimicking a picture frame}. & piece together. For guidance we used an old vintage frame I had. 

Next  place four to five 3M running down where it's going to be attached to the TV lip { not screen  }. Do this for all boards aligning to a square essentially. 

Press lightly to adhere the 3M. That's all! You could also use nail glue! 


I still have to caulk & fuss with a few things but I love the customized look! Simple, fresh, custom & thrifty! 
Side Note:  sorry the photos aren't great..it was super dark, so I shot what I could! 
I hope you liked this simple custom framed TV. no huge cuts, fancy products or materials but a definite fresh look!!

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