Saturday, November 14, 2020

{ Cozy Christmas Counter }

 Happy Saturday pals! It's been a very chill vibe around here today & extra cozy comfy! I'm one of those people who try to keep a schedule throughout the week, so the weekends are for projects, dates & just down time in general! This week I must've had some extra energy because I checked everything off by early Friday! It's always nice to start the weekend off with a freshened up home, right ?! 

Anyways I got to play with some decor today & add some more Christmas magic! Although I never blog on the weekends, today I was just so inspired! Come see more Christmas charm on the kitchen counter below ....

I'm not doing anything elaborate but more soft & elegant this year. Lots of neutral vintage antiques & simple festive touches. These vintage gold rimmed tea cups are so gorgeous, cozy & sentimental! They flow nicely with the dining room decor look this year & added so much warmth & charm!


This fireplace box got some fresh white paint up here quickly & I just left it here kinda to dry & well I loved it !! Extra storage, depth & I love it styled so here we are ha..


I've talked about this before, but mixing metal finishes is kind of my jam..No rules here ha! To be honest it's been one of those wintery days where it's been cold, dry & the sky a gray white with huge puffy snow clouds { my favorite}..Perfect tea time day! I gather inspiration from ALL over & today it was our wintery Saturday weather !!!

Hope you loved this vintage Christmas counter display! Do you decorate your counter space or kitchen window? 

Happy Saturday!
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