Tuesday, December 29, 2020

{ Modern Winter Cottage Mantel }

 Over the last few days I've moved, added pieces & decluttered nearly the whole house! Still some to go, but it feels nice...I ended up relocating our chippy white fireplace to a different wall to begin with.. Backup to a few weeks ago & my mom came across this old street sign that had quite the wear & patina on it..I kind of honestly just set it aside & then rediscovered it after Christmas! It's kind of out of my design element, but that's exactly what I needed for this wintery mantel look... Come see more below!

I wanted something fresh, vintage, wintery & { gasp }modern! I think I accomplished that with this winter cottage mantel..somehow ha! You see this mantel kinda just created itself..I set all the pinecone ornaments on the mantel while taking the trees down & filled this bucket that overflowed....into a beautiful mess ha!


The brass accents, beadboard, vintage radio & stool all add vintage charm & the sign a pop of eclectic color & ambiance.  


This wintery pile of pinecones & mixed vanilla +almond candles smell so yummy!


The rustic dented weathered look is what I actually love about it! I opted to hang it with three 3M sticks instead of nails to preserve the beadboard, since the sign is temporary! 

I hope you loved this different vintage eclectic  winter mantel..It was fun, creative & I adore the coziness for the long snowy months up here in Michigan! This could easily be reproduced & the thrifty way.. 
•Do you have any special signs you love or have displayed in your home?

HAPPY Wednesday!
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