Monday, December 28, 2020

{ Whimsical Winter Dining Cabinet }

 Happy few days after Christmas! I started & finished taking everything down yesterday..minus the lower level which is lodgey moody decor { more on that later }. After I took what Christmas specific down we had, we ended up giving the laundry room a makeover { coming soon }! Well, in the middle of all this we ended up pulling a piece out we've had forever but have never showcased on here!!! HOW?! These are all my questions too ha! Anyways it's awesome & huge...Come see more below!

It speaks for itself, but honestly It's more impressive in person!! Can you believe we've had this solid wood handmade piece from Mexico for almost 10 years? I can't believe we're just now showcasing its bold beauty! Its bottom drawers add that much more charm..


The perfect breakfast of freezer burnt pancakes, frost bit blueberries & zero syrup hahaha! What can I say, I keep it honest on here...This was a beautiful photoshoot though! After the puppies got pancakes & then smashed blueberries into mommy's rug....eek!
• The mug is vintage from Japan!

I kept all my dishes I've collected & stored them in these deep shelve & kept it warm but still wintery with a bit of whimsical charm like  Cypress & wreathes. 


Frosted wreaths, plain evergreens, whimsical lights & fresh linens complete this space! This space has totally transformed in the last few days & months! 

I had to snap & use this shot!! Swartz the "wart" eyeing the pancakes he got minutes later...Ha all in a days work!
Hope you enjoyed this new { old } piece. Although it's not real antique & was free, it's still a favorite of mine!
What's your favorite furniture piece you have? 

HAPPY Monday!
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