Wednesday, December 30, 2015

{ Life in a Split Second..}

Hi guys. First I hope you all are having a great week & almost start to the New Year!! Secondly, this is going to be a long & emotion filled post, so I'm sorry it's not decor or DIY related. You guys know this blog is not only my business, but an outlet for me to inspire/share important things & something I truly enjoy. Okay, Monday @ 12:30 p.m it's sleeting & the roads are pure black ice.. You get that unknown number that has called twice already & then incomes a text saying " Call me it's about Mark".. Yeah, that's the call/text no wife wants to get when their husband is at work!! I called back & in a split second my heart dropped to my feet. The mumbled words--- " Marks been in a roller-over accident on the highway & is pinned with the truck on him ..Literally I feel sick just typing this! Screaming & in a panic I yell "WHAT? OH MY GOD GET HIM OUT OF THERE"!!! Fearing other traffic & a fire I LOST IT..The next two hours all I wanted was my husband HOME! Thankfully my mom & gram were home and rushed to assist us ANY way possible. Three hrs later after the accident he was ALIVE & HOME! We're so thankful for the firefighters, his work members{ especially Jordan} for acting so quickly & everyone being safe. Though we have many papers to file,and his new work truck is mangled- HE IS HERE WITH ME! He says to me as I'm bathing him { he was covered in mud/sore from having the truck roll on him}.."I actually was comfortable for a few minutes, then I just was getting annoyed!" Hahah only my husband would say that..I was shocked because he hates little spaces! I swear he could shine light on anything.

For all of you who read my blog & know me personally, you guys know how over protective I am of my Sparky Markie ha! Believe me I have good reason..this accident was almost 10 years to the day of his last car accident that was life threatening.. He was pinned in the car, jaws of life saved him , and he lost his spleen, lacerated his liver, broken shoulder/clavicle &  ruptured 2 vertebrate{ not at fault in either accident} !! I have EVERY reason to be "that" overprotective wife..then this. I'm one who totally believes in higher powers, etc.. & the one day I don't text be safe{ he drives all over the state for work } & safe travels this happens..I told him I'm going to be stuck to him like glue & honestly I have been..even trying to get him to stay home from work tomorrow again.

My husband is my light in every way possible. My world, my family, my life, my outlook..nothing would be the same without him. Thankfully his late mom & our other guardian angels above shielded him to safety Monday. He's the kind of person who takes obstacle after obstacle & stomps each one out gracefully & this is just another obstacle in our blessed life. I swear my husband has 9 lives...In his short 28 years he's encountered & been through so much, but STILL smiles 24/7 , shines light & perspective on everything ,and always with his hardworking,  humbling, genuine & comforting nature . If more people were like him this would be a wonderful wonderful world. Ask family or friends & they will tell you the same + some!

Perspective on the simplest of things to the biggest things in life can change in a heartbeat..I mean do the little things really matter when you're rolling in your vehicle wondering if you're ever going back home? Having that person who means more then life  is what really matters, because what would life be without that special person?..Life would be NOTHING. People work their whole life to find that special soulmate to share moments in life that mean so much with..So without them it's pointless. Enjoy pleasures in life & what makes you happy by all means, but enjoy the person who makes those things the happiest your number 1 priority! 
P.S. Sorry for the jumbled writing etc..I'm frazzled!

***Thanks for reading guys, and THANK YOU for all the calls, texts, comments & well wishes via all social media etc.. The comfort from you  all means a lot, because as my family says " Our Markie is our whole family & more "!

Life with you is beautiful in every way possible!
This picture was taken on one of our summer country adventures..simple pleasures.

That face is my light in life... I love you.

Snuggling two of the more then 10 fur babies he's saved .. That's my family & heart right  here. 

--> I'll be back soon with some new pieces in our upper level etc..  I hope you all have a safe & happy NYE & DAY!!


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